Ninja Snowballs is more than just a food truck!  We bring excitement with every visit!  While famous stands boost 200 snowballs in a day, we do that each hour or two!  Ninjas come to your location and serve 100-150 snowballs an hour or more!| more

We do more than just sell snowcones!

We tend to highlight some of our 40+ amazing flavors!
Which one would you want highlighted?

While no one knows if this flavor had anything to do with LSU in its creation, Tiger fans just seem to love this flavor | more

Wedding Cake with Cream
What does it taste like?  You got it!  It really taste like a wedding cake with that added taste of icing on top! | more

This is one of our hottest flavors.  For some unknown reason, people seem to be flocking for that taste of mint in their snowball!  Will you join them? | more

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